06 Apr

IT firms like 3 Eagles IT Solutions, exist to partner their clients with the right provider. 3 Eagles IT Solutions represents more than 100 different carriers offering services ranging from a localized territory and covering regions across the United States. 3 Eagles IT Solutions isn't a direct provider. Instead, 3 Eagles IT Solutions assist in selecting the providers that offer the options, features, and services that best suit your business. With 3 Eagles IT Solutions, you can choose the right telecom carrier or cloud solution from an informed position.

  1. Consultants Work For You!     

Carrier Direct Sale Reps work for their respected companies. They may present themselves as acting in your best interest. But in reality, it is in the best interest of their company and the products they have available. A consultant, working for you, can recommend all providers and different products. These providers compete to win the business. A consultant can truly represent your best interest.

  1. Consultants have experience with multiple providers.     

Many people are familiar with Verizon, AT&T, Centurylink. These are the Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) across the US. They also offer business and wholesale products. Each can provide you with a high-speed transport service from NYC to LA. Are they the right choice? Are their better, more efficient options such as Zayo, Airespring, or Windstream? 3 Eagles IT Solutions has relationships with them all and will present available opportunities. A consultant will put forth the due diligence and provide accurate assessments recommending what they believe are the best options available.

  1. Consultants can provide you with visibility.     

Carriers, such as CenturyLink, AT&T, Airespring, allow consultants to channel integrate with direct reps allowing your consultant to attend meetings related to your account. This approach offers a level of visibility you wouldn't receive if you dealt directly with the carrier's account team.

  1. You get more expertise, but you don't pay more.     

With A consultant, you receive expertise, customer service, product support, and project management, but you don't pay for those extras, the carrier does.

  1. A Consultant can help you through the Cloud

Should you be on the Cloud? Should it be a private cloud, a public cloud, or a hybrid? In the Cloud arena, the top players are AWS, Azure, Google, IBM. Interestingly enough, the top telecoms are not on the list though they do offer cloud services. The Telecoms carry the traffic to the cloud provider, the cloud provider stores, and manages your data in their data centers. A consultant can sort through this maze and find the right solution for your business needs. They work with cloud aggregators such as RackSpace and Synoptek and others to put a complete package together, allowing you time to focus on your core business.

  1. Consultants allow you to focus on your core business.      

Consultants represent you to various providers; they can manage the entire process for you, from sourcing to implementation. This saves countless resources and brings the stress level way down. consultants are available after installation to ensure the services are at the right price and meets operational expectations.

3 Eagles IT Solutions is the trusted consultant that your company needs. Schedule a call now.

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