Can't get your calls answered? Is it a Business call or Personal Call?  
Agents with a local number have higher answer rates and are able to book more appointments and close more deals! You can have a business VOIP line for less than the price of an "A" lead!

Not sure if you are getting a call from a potential new client or maybe it the school looking for volunteers. A VOIP business line has an APP right on your phone, you can easily screen your calls.

VOIP lines have Auto Attendant feature, This gives your small business a professional sound, have calls routed to individuals or different departments. Many clients have calls routing the different departments to themselves, giving the impression of a large organization.

You can also have the option handset for your desk to make your dialing times more efficient, or you can dial directly from your computer!

3 Eagles IT Solutions focuses on the under served Agent Market. Many firms wont work with clients unless they need 20 or more lines, our group can work with any requirement, if your agency needs only one line that is not an issue, you will be treat like a customer needed 1000 lines.

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